Crow’s feet and fine lines are natural effects of aging and sagging skin. Each time you have to squint your eyes in front of a mobile phone; it shrinks the skin around your eyes. More so, the display of emotions with facial skin most times results in muscle twitches. According to cosmetic dermatologists; a repeated strain on any part of the skin will leave signs in form of deep lines. Apart from aging, hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle practices, stress, genetics and lack of sleep can deepen lines and the wrinkles around your eyes. Naturally the effect of pollution and ultraviolet radiations from sunlight on your skin increases the risk of dead skin cells. Also, at leat 80 percent of visible effects from the process of aging comes from sunlight radiations. The skin’s sub-layers can be damaged from the direct effect of ultraviolet-A rays. However, when we understand how to block these harmful radiations; it’s a positive effort towards preventing skin cancers (melanoma) and premature wrinkles.

This what happens to your skin cells

There are oil-secreting glands (sebaceous glands) under the surface of your skin. When there’s a reduction of these natural oil it results in wrinkles. The skin around your eyes must be supple, smooth and hydrated because sebaceous glands underneath the eye skin are very tiny. To prevent the sebaceous glands from loosing it’s oil quickly, protect them by applying skin-tightening ingredients. Fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles around eyes occurs when the production of collagen and elastin protein declines. What happens to your skin cells in the dermal layer determines the level of rough texture on the surface. Crow’s feet create rough textures in the form of wrinkles at the outer corners of your eyes and lines close the temples. When the mass of collagen and elasticin proteins are depleted, the affected skin part grows thinner loses elasticity.

Two categories of facial wrinkles

The categorization of facial wrinkles is in two folds; they are common with men and women.

Static Wrinkles

The continous decline in collagen, elasticin protein and fat is ususally triggered by a natural process of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles around eyes can buildup over a period and change the structure to your skin. When you experience sagging skin; the inelasticity causes static wrinkles on your face. Naturally, around-the-eyes skin with tiny sebacous glands will create deeper wrinkles as people grow old.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Wrinkle and lines that fall under this category are formed when there’s repeated facial movements. Response to emotions on a daily basis; furrowing your brow, smiling, crying, and squinting, causes dynamic wrinkles. Squeezing facial muscles may be painless, but the repeated movement stretches the skin. However, the elastic skin continues to stretch, and as people get older it fails to return to it’s tight state. Touching and squeezing your eyelids as response to irritations is a surefire way of stressing the skin around your eyes.

Can You Prevent Crow’s Feet, Wrinkles and Fine Lines?

Laughing, squinting, smiling, crying and stretching of muscle are natural occurnces. However, younger women below the age of forty display more signs of sagging skin than men. We can’t prevent crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine Lines, but they can be reduced. Regardless of the abundance of elsaticn proteins and collagen, your skin will suffer from the effect of aging. However, these unpleasant effects of aging vary because of a number of factors. More so, you can ask a dermatologist for skin care routines that work. Some retinol-based  formulas contain niacinamide that tones, clears smile lines, freckles and tighten sagging facial skin.

How to reduce wrinkles around eyes

Avoid over-exposure

To reduce the visible signs of wrinkles; use moisturizers and eye concealers every night and day. Pollutants and ultraviolet (UV) radiations from sunlight increases your squintability factor. It’s pretty difficult to prevent an exposure to unseen particles that damage skin cells. Sunglasses (preferably wide-brimmed) that have been fitted with UV protection and polaroids are more effective than regualar glasses. With the application of broad-spectrum sunscreen and carrier oils, your skin can avoid irritation and be protected. Mineral-based sun-blocker creams can be purchased as over-the-counter products. Some of these creams have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as formulas; the skin absorb these ingredients quickly.

Light facial exercises

When free radical agents attack skin cells and make them weak, different lines appear as a result of the invasion. There are many exercise for strengthening facial muscles like the Orbicularis Oris. Around the lower and upper lip regions iarethe Orbicularis Oris muscles; they host fine lines, premature wrinkles and nasolabial folds. To reduce these unpleasant lines on aging facial skins and prevent sagging; perform light facial exercises at leat twice every day. A typical example is by holding the corners of your mouth with both index fingers. With the pressure on the muscles; gently pull your fingers down the sides and towards your jaw.

Wear facial mask as topical treatments for crow’s feet and smile lines

The use of organic and herbal extracts from anti-oxidant rich plants for smile lines has been an age-long sin care regimen. Toxins and free radical agents accumulate in the bloo and attack cells and tissues. However, a topical application mixed with carrier oils (like coconut, almond or lavender oils) can boost the production of collagen. More so, wearing facial masks create smooth, supple and wrinkle-free skin. Carrier oils are healthy omega-3 fatty acids that tighten your skin muscles and allow easy absorbtion of antioxidants, vitamins C and E that hydrates and glows the skin.


According to renowned cosmetic surgeons; they recommend beauty enthusiasts to use natural ingredients for skin rejuvenation. A proper diet, lifestyle practices, sleep, and sufficient intake of clean water evey day can transform your looks. Extracts from fruits lemon, avocados, carrots and veggies juice contain healthy doses of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation of tiny blood vessels around the eyes can cause dark spots, discolouration and hyperpigmentation. These skin blemishes can make you look horible when lines and wrinkles are present.

What are crow’s Feet & Fine Lines: The wrinkles around your eyes