How To Trim Cat Nails Trimming the nails of a cat regularly is important since it prevents them from overgrowing even though cats try to keep them sharp by scratching on objects. You should try to make them get used o trimming when they are still young. Cats that are not used to trimming experience stress when their feet are touched. Cats are very sensitive to touches on their feet or manipulation. As such try to touch them when the cat is relaxing gently. This will get them accustomed to constant touch and hence make easier to examine them. If your cat is not used to nail trimming, it is important to get it done by a vet or a professional groomer. Improper handling of the nails will create a rift between the cat and the owner since the cat may become frightened. Moreover, the cat may wind up frightful of you or disturbed since it will have the memory of a terrible ordeal. You ought to get your cat used to having its nails trimmed by beginning to delicately touching its feet. This should be possible when the cat is unwinding on your laps. Gently touch the cat and stop if it objects. This should be rewarded with a treat and petting. The cat will get used to touch within a short while and start exposing the nails upon a slight massage. You should start by observing the nails to help you familiarize yourself.
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For cats with white nails, you should clip the point which appears almost transparent. Avoid cutting the quick which is pink in color and has a vein. For cats with black nails, you should judge where the quick is and cut the nails accordingly. It is important that you purchase special clippers for pets from a pet shop You should not use the same clipper for your domestic use.
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The cat should be trained and become accustomed to the whole procedure trimming starting from exposing the nails to the point when a clipper is placed on them. To avoid upsetting the cat, be sure to carefully follow these steps. Start by clipping one or two nails when the cat is ready and continue to build your confidence and skills. Your body language should appear confident to prevent the cat from panicking. One of the advantages of helping your cat get accustomed to nail clipping is that it will help to prevent the nails from overgrowing and curling. Professional assistance should be sought in cases where you are uncertain or when the cat raises resistance. This will help you not to break bonds with your pet.

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