Business Copier Lease- why your Business Needs them

Business copiers are capable of performing numerous functions like printing, scanning, faxing among others which are all basic tasks for a firm. Even though the business copier is vital and necessary for business functions, it might be hard for small and medium companies to afford one as they may have other ways in which they intend to utilize the capital.

Business copier leasing becomes more economical in such a situation. When a company buys a business copier they are stuck with it for long since purchasing a new or advanced equipment requires more investment by the enterprise. On the other hand, if you opt for leasing, you will get to use the most advanced machine as this is a unique rental ownership where one gets to pay for the use of machine on fixed monthly installments as set by the lease provider. When the end of the lease period is nearing, you can clear the remaining amount of payments and purchase the machine you have been using. Lease plans that cover the service and maintenance offer the best way to upgrade your business infrastructure.

Copier Leasing- Things to Note
Many copiers leases charge on a volume basis. Know the volume you produce monthly to know if for certain leasing is the most cost-effective way for you. Ask your vendor about a minimum copy requirement too , if they are charging on volume, they may require a base number of copies each month.
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Although the maintenance is part of the lease, toner is not. Toner cartridges are expensive as such, ensure that you include the cost estimates for their replacement in the budget. A clear picture of the number of copies you make every month will assist you in forecasting.
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The maintenance agreement does not include the parts. Know what is included in the agreement and what is not. Enquire with the lease agency if they have emergency repairs and at what price and time.

Make sure that you can get a replacement copier if yours goes down. You do not want to be left without a copier for a long time.

Importance of Copier Leasing for Businesses
Copier leasing allows you to avoid significant capital expenditure which frees up cash for more pressing needs.

Ownership of the machine is a secondary importance when you consider how fast IT equipment depreciates. When the printer and copier are combined, the performance of the investment comes from its production, not the hardware. When you look at it in this way, leasing is the best option as compared to buying.

The rent and maintenance costs are both on a fixed contract meaning you know your budget well in advance.

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