Self- Defense Approaches to Use as A Woman

As a woman, you will most of the times face the risk of being attacked, and you need to be informed on self-defense skills. Taking the classes of self-defense are one of the measures that most people have taken. If you have a tighter schedule to attend the classes, the highlighted guidelines can help you to stay safe.

When you are in isolated and high-risk areas, you should have your bear or pepper spray on standby. The spray has chemicals that ensure that the attacker will go blind for some few minutes. The spray should always be in your bag, and they are easily found in different stores. To succeed with the pepper spray, you need to aim directly at the attacker’s eyes, and you can train yourself on how to be accurate. You can also have the pocket knives or stun guns with you.

A hand strike is one of the skills that you can specialize on during your free times. It takes less time to learn these martial art skills. The technique is created to help you attack at the eyes of the assailant using your arms. Move your arm together with the hip to increase the force of impact.

Another effective approach is to deliver a powerful kick to the groin areas. The groin areas are considered to be very vulnerable, and it will offer you an opportunity to run. You should ensure that you are very accurate when aiming at the groins. Your legs should penetrate between the highs of the assailant and use your toes to kick the area.

Knee kicks are very powerful especially when your attacker is shielding you from escaping using the upper body. It is the most effective approach in a close-range attack and ensure that you force your knees through the weak areas such as the groins. once you send your attacker into confusion, use the spray again for maximum effect.

Chocking is one of the most preferred subduing methods of the assailants, and you should retaliate by attacking the weak areas. You should not use much effort trying to remove the hand, so the assailants form your neck but repeatedly hit at the vulnerable areas. The thumbs are the strong tools of the attacker and you should try to remove them from your neck when hitting the vulnerable points.

You can learn several skills to ensure that you are safe wherever you go. The common ones are discussed above, but if necessary, you can hit the classes and learn some few defensive moves. You should be aware of the security of the different places and avoid the isolated areas.

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