Detaching yourself from someone suffering from the drug abuse problem is important!

One of the worst things that you can deal with is a person with the drug abuse problem!

And this is a serious issue is it not?

Well, certainly it is.

And this is only one reason why despite trying to be near them during these tiring times, you must be able to understand that getting away from them is the smartest thing that you can do. This is one thing that will allow you to breathe freely.

Once you separate from them, you will understand the same. You must also understand that why exactly must you separate from them and how will that work out for you? Only then can you get some motivation in doing so properly.

Of course, you must understand that this is one thing that can make sure that you are getting to start off your life in accordance to what you want. And it will be a new beginning that you simply cannot get enough of.

Why should you leave them to be?

The following are the reasons why you may want to be away from them:

  • You are making a way for them to depend on you:

There are various ways how one can depend on the person. Unfortunately, you are making them the ways yourself. They are getting all the emotional support from you and at times the monetary support too.

You may or may not know about both. And this is a serious problem with the people nevertheless. Of course, you must also understand that the dependency somehow make you more responsible for their addiction than it is their fault. And this is one of the most essential reasons why you must stop. When you decide to detach from addicted loved one you are free from being responsible for them.

  • You
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What are crow’s Feet & Fine Lines: The wrinkles around your eyes


Crow’s feet and fine lines are natural effects of aging and sagging skin. Each time you have to squint your eyes in front of a mobile phone; it shrinks the skin around your eyes. More so, the display of emotions with facial skin most times results in muscle twitches. According to cosmetic dermatologists; a repeated strain on any part of the skin will leave signs in form of deep lines. Apart from aging, hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle practices, stress, genetics and lack of sleep can deepen lines and the wrinkles around your eyes. Naturally the effect of pollution and ultraviolet radiations from sunlight on your skin increases the risk of dead skin cells. Also, at leat 80 percent of visible effects from the process of aging comes from sunlight radiations. The skin’s sub-layers can be damaged from the direct effect of ultraviolet-A rays. However, when we understand how to block these harmful radiations; it’s a positive effort towards preventing skin cancers (melanoma) and premature wrinkles.

This what happens to your skin cells

There are oil-secreting glands (sebaceous glands) under the surface of your skin. When there’s a reduction of these natural oil it results in wrinkles. The skin around your eyes must be supple, smooth and hydrated because sebaceous glands underneath the eye skin are very tiny. To prevent the sebaceous glands from loosing it’s oil quickly, protect them by applying skin-tightening ingredients. Fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles around eyes occurs when the production of collagen and elastin protein declines. What happens to your skin cells in the dermal layer determines the level of rough texture on the surface. Crow’s feet create rough textures in the form of wrinkles at the outer corners of your eyes and lines close the temples. When the mass of collagen and … Read More ...

A Guide to Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Injury

Acromioclavicular (AC) joint injury occurs on the top part of the shoulder where the collarbone attaches to the front side of the shoulder. The injury can be caused in different ways such as repetitive use of the shoulder or a fall. AC injuries are common to more men than women aged below 35 years. This is majorly because most of these individuals are much likely to engage in high-risk activities such as sports, or even work-related tasks like roofing. AC joint can be handled effectively by an experienced therapist without necessarily involving surgical procedures.


What are AC joint injuries?


The four ligaments that hold the acromion and the clavicle link up the two bones of the shoulder. Hence, the AC joint injury occurs when the four ligaments get stressed causing some level of joint separation. The two types of injuries that cause an AC joint injury are traumatic and overuse.

Traumatic AC joint injury often occurs to people who sustain injuries when they fall, such as sportsmen and manual laborers. It occurs when the ligaments holding the two bones of the shoulder get damaged. This type of AC joint injury is referred to as a shoulder separation and involves the shoulder’s ball-and-socket joint. Depending on the degree of separation, the injury will be graded as mild or severe. A physical therapist can easily treat a mild case of AC joint injury, but a severe case of AC injury may require a surgical procedure that will be followed by sessions of physical therapy.

Overuse AC joint injury, on the other hand, occurs when repeated stress is exerted on the shoulder. There is a cartilage at end of the two shoulder bones that is meant to protect the joint from wear and tear. If excessive stress is exerted on … Read More ...