How to Find the Right Small Business Phone System If you have a small business, you may not think much of the phone system you use. Even if you are successful in business, you may not be paying attention to the important role that the phone system plays. The wide variety of phone systems available in the market can shock you when looking to upgrade your current system. You are bound to find a phone system that will be suitable for your business needs. You will find phone systems with a variety of features that may turn out to be beneficial or not beneficial for your business operations. Given the wide variety of phone systems, how do you determine which one will be right for your business? Read on for an overview of the phone systems you are likely to come across during your search. Types of Phone System When you start researching, you will find two basic types of phone systems. The most common one is the PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which are huge and confusing. These systems usually have dedicated operators. Today, modern PBX systems are available in small sizes. The phone systems are ideal for many businesses and are also affordable.
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The key system is another small business phone system you can go for. This phone system has a key unit that controls other phones you may have. Also known as the KSU, the functions and features of every phone in your business such as voice mail are controlled by the system. The KSU ensures that any phones in your business are not in use at the same time.
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KSU systems allow dialing of phones in your business through an extension number. Apart from this, you have the ability of supervising how the system is working to ensure all the needs of your users are met. You can expand the capabilities of the KSU with various communication software. In many small businesses, you will find either KSU or PBX systems. The technology of these two systems are the same. A few years ago, PBX systems used more advanced technology than KSU systems. However, today, both systems use the same technology. You will also come across phones that have the same features that PBX and KSU systems have. You can meet the unique needs of your company using these phones, which are generally known as “hybrids”. A KSU-less system will be ideal for a business that has less than 10 employees. This system has the features and functions of a KSU system. However, while a KSU system has a central unit, the KSU-less one does not have. KSU-less systems do not have to be wired to a building like traditional phone systems. Moreover, since the systems do not come with complicated equipment, you can move with them when your business changes buildings.

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