Can You Use your Smartphone for Sperm Count Test? One of the most effective process to assess the fertility of a man, sperm count test is going to be the best thing to do. You will start by collecting the semen and put it in a container. The second step is to give it to a reproductive expert so that he or she can start with analyzing the semen and come up with a diagnosis. If you want an accurate test , make sure that the semen is fresh, meaning a sample must be not later than half an hour old to be able to used for sperm count test. There will be another step after the semen is obtained. The next thing you do is to place the semen in a special container and after that, a reproductive expert will examine it after. And they will also advise you to give a couple of samples to be tested because sperm in the semen will have various types so this will make the test more accurate. But when you will be handling sperm for sperm count test, there will be two things you need to make sure to do. You have to make sure that you handle it with greatest care and concentration. Just be sure that when the process of the sperm count test is happening, be sure to consider a couple of things. And there will be several factors that will be analyzed and checked within the process just like the number of sperm in the semen. The experts will also be examining the sperm’s size and shape plus the way the sperm will move. The color, the density and volume will all be checked by these experts, it is important because they need to be thorough with the test. The best results will be that per milliliter, 20 million sperms will be there and per ejaculation, there will be 40 million. Experts say that when you get less than 20 million of sperm per milliliter you will have low sperm count already especially when it is about 15 million only. You will have to do some treatment when you will have an abnormal result from the sperm count you get. The best thing to do right after you get a low sperm count is to find out what caused it. And if you want to use your smartphone to check the results of your sperm count test, you can, there is now an app that you can use for that kind of process. The technology today has created a lot of things, things that make your life easier, you can now do the sperm count test on your smartphone as long as you have the app in your smartphone. You will be able to do a double check on the results and that will be a good benefit, right?News For This Month: Resources

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